Marketing strategy for a membership organisation

The senior management team initially wanted us to research the needs of potential new members. We went in with an open mind and, from our initial meeting, had a sense they were overwhelmed with initiatives and needed to focus on existing members before recruiting new ones. They confirmed being overwhelmed. The difficulty was they needed to meet targets for new members set by the Board. We asked questions and facilitated meetings. This helped them step back, review their existing information and resources and re-assess their priorities. The issues they were facing became clearer, e.g. needing to upgrade their member database and website and get some activity based costing data. Our questions threw light on the fact that they were already meeting their recruitment targets and had a breathing space of several months before more actively looking for more members. In the client’s words, our ‘insights, analysis and facilitative approach brought essential clarity to a complex issue enabling the team to identify key objectives, and develop a robust longer term strategy.’

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