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Applying Systems-Centered® Theory and Methods in Organisations

Rowena Davis - Sunday, October 14, 2018

Applying Systems-Centered®
Theory and Methods in Organisations

Systems-Centered Training offers an innovative and effective approach to change at the individual, team and whole system levels. Uniquely, SCT is a theory-based approach to organisational change which also has associated techniques for effective intervention. It offers a map to make sense of organisational life as well as ways to influence our working contexts to make them more of the kind of systems in which we want to live.


We will learn SCT theory and methods and apply them to our here-and-now experience and in participants’ work contexts. This is a living experiment in using both structure and emergence to guide our work and to build a fun and stimulating learning system.


Three two-day sessions:
24 & 25 January, 25 & 26 April,
7 & 8 November 2019



SCT Applications Map
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The trainings will be led by Rowena Davis and Mike Maher, both experienced Licensed SCT Practitioners with experience of working within organisations and consulting to them.


The Early Bird fee for the six days is £920 + 20% VAT for SCTRI members and £980 + 20% VAT for non-members if you register by 7 December 2018.
After 7 December 2018, the fee is £990 + 20% VAT for SCTRI members and £1,050 + 20% VAT for non-members. The fee is payable upfront and non-refundable if you miss individual sessions.


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  SCT® and Systems-Centered® are registered trademarks of the
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SAVI® Introductory Workshop 2019

Rowena Davis - Monday, October 08, 2018

SAVI® - System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction

Introductory Workshop 31 January & 1 February 2019 London


Come & learn the nuts & bolts of SAVI & practise having more productive & satisfying conversations

SAVI is a practical, theory-based tool created by Agazarian & Simon for diagnosing & having more productive & satisfying conversations at work & in our personal lives.

In this two day Introductory Workshop, facilitated by certified SAVI trainer and experienced organisational consultant Rowena Davis, we will:

  • Explore through the SAVI lens why some conversations flow & others get stuck
  • Discover ways to reduce ‘noise’ so more information gets heard & problems are solved more easily
  • Try out new verbal behaviours to build our teams, groups, relationships & organisations
  • Aim to have fun co-creating an exploratory, collaborative learning climate

Comments from participants in previous workshops:

‘Astounded how just changing the verbal behaviours shifted my view of the people in my team to more open & curious’

‘Good tempo; meaningful exercises using our own examples; good theoretical lecture at start & all the way through’


Self-Employed / Voluntary / Public Sectors up to 7 December 2018: £395 + 20% VAT, after 7 December 2018: £425 + 20% VAT;
up to 7 December 2018: £495 + 20% VAT, after 7 December 2018: £525 + 20% VAT


Thursday 31 January 2019: 08.45 – 17.30; Friday 1 February: 09.00 – 17.15

Location: London

Registration: please register online here

SAVI® is a registered trademark of of Claudia Byram & Frances Carter.