SAVI® – System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction
Zoom: 28 & 29th November 2024
09.00 – 16.45 UK time
Led by Rowena Davis & Annika Hall

SAVI is a practical, theory-based way of mapping communication patterns and having more productive and satisfying conversations at work and in our personal lives. It was created by Agazarian (the originator of Systems-Centered® Theory) and Simon. View SAVI Grid here.


Questions & Thoughts

How do we give and receive feedback so we can hear what is being said and be understood?

Join us to develop skills for giving & receiving feedback using SAVI. Our goal is to have fun & co-create a collaborative learning environment. Open to those who have taken the SAVI Introductory Workshop.

We will:

  • Develop our capacity to give & receive data-oriented feedback in line with the context, goals & roles
  • Learn from live examples what helps & what gets in the way of effective feedback
  • Increase our ability to see feedback from the perspective of both the giver & the receiver
  • Decrease the potential for taking feedback just personally

Early Bird rate until 2 October 2024 - Fees / Registration

We have a limited number of bursaries. To apply & for questions:

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