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Rowena Davis

Rowena Davis

Rowena's areas of expertise are coaching individuals and teams; strategic marketing and planning; mapping systems; "action learning"; and working with the planned and unplanned sides of organisational life and change. She focuses on improving communication and implementing practical solutions to deliver tangible results.  She works transparently using systems-oriented methods and tools. Her goal is to free up energy so the system can work productively with all its resources.

With 30 years experience in marketing and consultancy, she has worked for a wide range of public, private and voluntary organisations, including major manufacturing, financial and professional services firms and healthcare organisations. Prior to setting up rda, she worked for KPMG and The Economist Intelligence Unit. She also lived in Italy where she worked in PR, market research, consultancy and taught at the universities of Milan and Trento. She has trained in advanced facilitation techniques and has extensive experience of working with individuals and teams.

She achieved a distinction in her MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies from the University of Surrey in 2002. She also has a Dott in Sociologia from the University of Trento, Italy and a BSc (Econ) from the London School of Economics. She speaks fluent English and Italian and reasonable French. She is a member of the Systems Centered Training and Research Institute, Inc, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a full member of the Market Research Society and a member of OD Innovation Network and AMED (Association for Management and Educational Development).

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Pien Bennen

Pien Bennen

Pien has been working as a consultant and researcher in international marketing since 1986. She has worked for both public and private organisations in a wide number of sectors including diamond jewellery, fmcg, food stuffs, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and IT.

Pien has extensive interviewing and strategic data analysis skills. She specialises in helping companies develop new market entry strategies and for many years has been responsible for PR and marketing in Italy for the Dutch Fruit & Vegetable Auctions as well as the Dutch Potato Board.

Born in the Netherlands, Pien got her BBA degree at Nijenrode University in the Netherlands and subsequently an MBA from the University of Oregon in the US where she majored in marketing and management. She speaks fluent Dutch, English and Italian, as well as French and reasonable German. She lived in the US and Angola before moving to Italy. Pien previously worked for J.Walter Thompson in Amsterdam and AMI (Société Générale) in Luanda (Angola).

Annika Hall

Annika Hall

Annika is an independent advisor specialising in ownership transition in family businesses, processes where the ability to have constructive problem solving meetings are central to long-term success and lasting change. The focus of her work is to facilitate communication and to help the owning family strengthen their own system while working their way towards solutions that they can all agree on.

Annika has a background in business administration research with a focus on family owned businesses. She has extensive international experience teaching both undergraduate and graduate students and her topics include leadership, strategy, organisation theory, qualitative methodology and family business. After more ten years as first a doctoral student and later researcher at Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership, Jönköping University, Sweden (with which she is still affiliated) she worked for Grant Thornton, Sweden, as Director Business advisory. With over twenty years of experience as a family business advisor she has worked with family business of different generations and sizes and in different industries.

Besides her work as advisor she has written articles and books in her special area of expertise, and has presented her work at academic and non-academic conferences. She is a member of Family Firm Institute (USA) and a faculty member of the organization’s global education program on family business. She is currently training to become a certified SAVI trainer. She speaks fluent Swedish and English and reasonable German.

Peter Kunneman Byline

Peter Kunneman

Peter has 25 years’ experience in managing teams to deliver value to clients. His clients trust his focus on results, his solid stakeholder management and the strong performance of his teams. Peter uses systems-oriented methods and tools to weaken restraining forces for the development of teams.

Peter worked for 15 years at Accenture of which nine as an associate partner. He has led large change management projects at Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) and has been programme-director for public tenders in the construction industry with a tender turnover between € 0.2 and € 0.7 bn (Public Private Partnerships). Peter founded and led a consortium which competed for and won the construction of the e-ticketing infrastructure for all Public Transport in the Netherlands.

Peter is a member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute Inc. He speaks fluent Dutch, English and German and reasonable French.

Annie MacIver

Annie MacIver

Annie MacIver is a licensed Systems-Centered practitioner, has an MA in Consultation and the Organisation from UEL and the Tavistock Institute and is a qualified social worker. She has worked primarily within local government contexts, latterly as Director of Children’s Services.

Annie has a particular interest in child protection work and adoption and fostering; she is specifically interested in developing interventions and building workforce skills to address the impact of developmental trauma on children and carers. Working in senior leadership roles over the last 20 years in large organisations has enabled Annie to develop a deep understanding of the challenges of delivering services and outcomes in contexts which are under significant pressure and stress. Applying SCT she has built effective teams and partnerships enabling them to deliver high quality outcomes. Through coaching and mentoring she has built the confidence and resilience of individuals and teams thereby releasing their energy and creativity to find solutions and meet the system goals.

Mike Maher Byline

Mike Maher

Mike Maher has twenty five years' experience working in and with the public, voluntary and private sectors, particularly in high-risk and volatile settings, first as a senior manager and now as a consultant. His focus is in helping teams and services survive, develop and transform, using a systems-oriented perspective to work with groups and individuals to have more effective communications with colleagues and clients – and via this process, to achieve better outcomes.

Mike is a psychotherapist and trainer as well as an organisational consultant. Before he worked in these roles, he worked for many years in social care, educational and mental health settings with client groups characterised by their challenging natures. He has subsequently consulted to similar settings in the NHS, in local authorities and in the private sector. He has written papers and book chapters on working with staff groups, organisational issues in mental health reform, managing self-harm behaviours and other subjects, and has presented at many national and international conferences. He is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and is a member of the Institute of Group Analysis (London). He is also a member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute (USA).

Hella Ritz Byline

Hella Ritz

Hella's expertise is in developing organisations through coaching teams and executives to deliver results, using differences as fuel for excellence. Hella uses systems-oriented methods and tools to foster liveliness in the system, creative problem-solving and collaboration.

Hella has 25 years’ experience in management and communication, and 15 years in consultancy. After being a student-teacher at University, she gained insight into organisational daily life during her 10 years as a manager in the largest Dutch NGO and in a private training company. She works for a wide range of public and private firms, including large retail, software and engineering companies, consultancies, healthcare organisations, universities and public services.

Hella holds an MA in Language/Communication. Her view on personal development is informed by a four year training in ‘Zijnsgeoriënteerde’ psychotherapy and awareness. Hella speaks fluent Dutch, English and German and reasonable French.  She is a member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute and the Center for Human Emergence.